Stand Free Clothing is an alternative/independent clothing brand based in the Grim North- Hartlepool (North East England) to be precise.

We aim to provide great quality products at an affordable price. We spend countless hours working on our designs and only print using premium inks and garments.

Originally founded at the beginning of 2013 under the name 'Stand Proud Clothing' we quickly became a well known local brand after selling out our first batch of tees in under a day. Unfortunately, we ran into some trademark issues and were forced to rebrand, but we came back stronger than ever.

Stand Free isn't just a clothing brand though, we run alternative gigs (Hardcore, pop punk and metal) and support many local bands as well as previously hosting shows with huge bands like Despite My Deepest Fear and Lock & Key. We're also pretty active in the skate and bmx scene and have our very own team providing edits and photographs for the brand. 

The bottom line is we're just a down to Earth brand trying to establish a name whilst having fun doing what we enjoy.

If you want to keep up to date with us please check us out on our social networking sites here;